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Evil Genius Games is the developer and publisher of Everyday Heroes™—the newest, modern-day, d20 Modern, 5th edition compatible tabletop roleplaying system for a wide range of officially licensed movie franchise campaigns. Designed by some of d20’s original design team and based on the open-source version of the D&D 5th edition ruleset, the Everyday Heroes collection of movie games and systems is made to delight d20 and genre film franchise fans everywhere.

Made up of film geeks who also love playing Dungeons & Dragons, the Evil Genius Games team blends game design expertise and modern innovation to broaden how gaming fans of all ages and experiences can engage in exciting, meaningful tabletop roleplaying adventures—all built around the core Everyday Heroes™ rulebook for ease of play.

The world of Everyday Heroes takes players into officially licensed, popular film franchise settings such as The Crow, Rambo, Total Recall, Escape from New York, and others for an infinite number of campaign adventures. Flexible and innovative, each Cinematic Adventure in the Everyday Heroes world can be adapted for home campaigns with characters created by players from scratch, as well as adventures inspired by the film that put characters into the shoes of well-known Hollywood heroes.

The core elements of Everyday Heroes™ are based on the Open Gaming License (OGL) for d20 Modern, released in the 2002. d20 Modern was one of the first role-playing games set in the modern era. The core rulebook was quickly followed up by a series of expansions including d20 Future, d20 Past, and d20 Apocalypse. The rules were expanded with a series of sourcebooks including Urban Arcana, Weapons Locker, Menace Manual, and Future Tech. ​

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